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Dog Bone Message Signs


The Dog Bone Message Signs are cut from 1/4″ MDF board.

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The Dog Bone Message Signs are cut from 1/4″ MDF board that measures approx. 9″ x 4 3/4″ x 1/4″. The bones are base coated brown then a coat of white acrylic paint is applied to one side of The Dog Bone Message Signs. Then a clear top coat is applied to seal the bones. Then the sayings and doggie paw prints that are cut from vinyl are applied. Next the twine is tied on both ends and   The Dog Bone Message Signs are ready to be displayed. You have a choice of three different sayings. The sayings are: ” Beware of the Wigglebutts”, ” What Would Scooby Doo?” and ” Our Windows Aren’t Dirty, That’s Our Dog’s Nose Art!”. The dog bones are priced by each.

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